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New Performance series design

A Platform with endless opportunities

Performance series

As the flexographic printing market continues to evolve, convertors are challenged to find equipment that responds to key business needs. The globally successful Performance Series has been rethought to be even more flexible and capable than ever before. The updated platform offers direct servo drive improvements, fully automated job registration and speeds as high as 305 meters per minute. The Performance Series presses deliver even greater performance, productivity and profitability.

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    • Engineered precision
    • Ergonomic
    • Exceptional efficiencies
    • Endless opportunities

Performance series

Mark Andy is a pioneer of the graphic arts and printing industry. As the world’s leading manufacturer of narrow- and mid-web printing and finishing equipment. We do what it takes to understand each customer’s unique business, the challenges they face and the pressures they feel. Mark Andy strive to provide products and services that help them solve their problems and solutions that go a step further, allowing them to excel in their day-to-day operations, ultimately increasing productivity and reaching their full potential.