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Anytron digital color label printer Any-002

Anytron digital color label printer Any-002 is an optimum technology solution for small batch printing. Equipped with a 600*1200dpi high resolution color laser engine, it supports high precision printing using toner. It can print on continues media only. In addition, it gives benefits of efficiency and cost-saving by printing a variety of color labels in an easy and fast way.

The best solution for GHS/MSDS labels The digital color label printer any-002 which passed the BS5609 test is optimized for GHS label. Already a significant number of domestic chemical companies are printing GHS labels via any-002. With the BS5609 certified printing engine, you can print labels with excellent water resistance, sunlight resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

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The Color label printer any-002 can make 5,000 color labels within 2 hours
As the output of a maximum 9m per minute is possible, 5,000 labels can be printed out within two hours. In addition, up to 200m can be printed out at one time and the setup for printing is unnecessary, therefore, immediate printing is possible.

No need for professional technicians
The operation of the equipment is easy and simple. Therefore, no professional technicians are necessary for printing, which reduces labor costs. With a one-day education, anyone can easily become a label printing specialist.

Label printing, handily done in an office
Any-002 does not require a large space. It can be installed in small spaces such as offices and can print out labels immediately whenever necessary.

Any label can be printed out at any time in a preferred quantity.
Upon the order of customers, continuous labels can be printed out immediately in required quantities. This minimizes unnecessary inventory costs and facilitates customer satisfaction through fast lead time.

Work that was impossible with analogue equipment is now possible with Anytron software
Any-002 uses its own software, and thereby conveniently and speedily processes the tasks that were impossible in analogue equipment. The unique information that is entered into labels, such as QR codes, barcodes, and numbering, can be printed out immediately.

Various materials can be supported
Labels are printed on various paper types such as art papers, certified PET, PP and transfer paper. Therefore, paper materials suited to customer needs can be used.

High-quality labels can be produced at reasonable consumable costs.
Using high-capacity toners and drums, high-resolution labels can be produced at reasonable prices. The printed labels maintain their quality for a long time as they have superior waterproofing and are less susceptible to the impacts of external environments.

Low-risk investment, but high productivity.
Any-002 can get better return on investment compare to other digital label machine. Therefore, the customers are lightened the burden of investment cost.

  • Faster output, faster delivery

    • Maximum printing speed of 9m per minute (30feet/minute)
    • High-capacity 256MB RAM and HDD 160GB to support big file

    High-resolution label printing

    • Highly stable digital LED engine
    • Resolution of 600 X 1200dpi through toner base

    Prompt and convenient data processing

    • Printing maximum 1.2m-long labels
    • Printing labels with user-preferred colors based on the color management by RIP software
    • Convenient production of variable data such as barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers (option)

    Interface and software

    • Interface : High-speed USB, TCP/IP
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7
    • S/W: Compose Rip S/W, Wasatch Rip S/W, , Windows driver

    Effective and economical printing work

    • Various materials can be supported (art papers, certified PP,PET and transfer paper) and thickness.
    • Capacity of toner cartridge: (5% coverage of A4 sized paper) K-11,000 pages / CMY -11,500 pages
    • Capacity of Image Drums : 28,000
    • Capacity of transfer belt/fuser unit : 60,000
    • The basic media of 215mm x 200m

    General characteristics

    • Unwinder systems / Reminder systems (option)
    • Automatic or manual cutting after printing
    • Operating environment: Temperature 10°~32°, Humidity 20~80%
    • Power supply : 220~240VAC, 50~60Hz
    • Power consumption : usual 600W, Maximum 1,300 W


    • Toner cartridge : 5% coverage of A4 size paper - CMY : 11,500 pages / K : 11,000 pages
    • Image Drum - CMYK : 28,000 pages
    • Transfer belt - 60,000 pages
    • Fuser unit - 60,000 pages