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Perfect register by fast and accurate plate mounting is essential to produce high quality print and maximise press productivity, particularly with short run work.

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JM Heaford
    • High powered monochrome video cameras (56x optical magnification) are mounted under a moveable cushion surfaced table facing upwards with the focal point being the upper surface of the table. The cameras are mounted on an ultra high precision linear bearing and are moved to different register mark positions (different width plates) by recessed hand wheels positioned at the front of the machine.
    • Twin channel processor linking camera images and target cross overlay on a 17" split screen LCD panel monitor with high contrast and crystal clear image.
    • High intensity LED lighting system enhances the register mark image.
    • Quick release adaptors for different cylinder types, adaptor exchange is tool free.
    • Tool free adjustment of left hand cylinder support for cylinders with different widths.
    • Laser alignment tool (optional) to enable the centre of the plate to be quickly pre-positioned.
    • Flat table surface enables the polymer plate to be accurately and quickly positioned along the centre line under the cylinder/sleeve.
    • The table arrangement allows the tape roll to be brought in to direct contact with the cylinder/sleeve enabling bubble free tape application to be carried out quickly without additional mechanisms.
    • Vacuum assist to secure the plate once in position.
    • Precision air jacking system for lowering the cylinder/sleeve in to contact with polymer plate.
    • Quick and bubble free application of the plate to cylinder/sleeve through a backwards and forwards movement of the table (equivalent to using a pressure roller).
    • Consistent and uniform pressured application of plates to tape for good adhesion.
    • After plate application the table can be moved to bring the end of plate register marks into view to check overall alignment.
    • Integral construction requiring no support table.
    • Innovative design
    • Rapid operator familiarisation
    • Extremely easy to use and fast operation
    • High powered cameras for very accurate registration
    • Hands free, bubble free plate application
    • Tool free changeovers between different press cylinders
    • Cylinder and sleeve options

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